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    Head Office in Dubai

    Office 2101, The Burlington Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesPhone: +971565477444+971547377277+97145298870 Email: ceo@winwinuniversal.com

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    Looking for a quality and affordable builder for your next project?

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    +971547377277 & +971565477444

    Working Hours

    We are happy to meet you during our working hours. Please make an appointment.

    • Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
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    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai

    Posts / 12/03/2024

    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai is one of the most important economic and commercial centers in the world, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. This region is known as one of the leaders of economic development in the Middle East and is highly attractive for companies and entrepreneurs due to its favorable policies and very good infrastructure.

    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai

    One of the unique features of Dubai Business District is the presence of advanced and modern infrastructure . This area has well-equipped office spaces, modern commercial buildings , shopping and entertainment centers, luxury hotels , and other facilities needed to run international businesses. Also, the presence of banks, financial centers, research and development centers and prestigious universities has made this area a superior business and technology center.

    Business Bay Dubai also has efficient laws and a stable financial system, which has increased the confidence of companies and investors in this area.

    In addition, the geographic location of Dubai Business is also very important; The region is recognized as an important international transportation hub and provides easy access to markets in the Middle East and Africa region.

    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai

    Due to all these features, Dubai Business Zone is known as one of the best places to start and expand international businesses. The region offers countless opportunities for investment and business cooperation, and is recognized as a strategic base for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Business B; Popular shopping bay in Dubai

    Business Bay is one of the most important and popular commercial areas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This area is located in the heart of Dubai and is one of the main centers of commercial and financial activities in this city. Business Bay has skyscrapers, modern buildings, luxury hotels and many business and entertainment facilities. This area is known as a popular destination for companies, real estate agents, restaurants and shopping centers and is very attractive to investors and businessmen.

    Business Bay will be a new city within the city of Dubai and will be built as a commercial, residential section along with the new extension of Dubai Creek which will stretch from Ras Al Khor to Sheikh Zayed Road. With an area of ​​64,000,000 square feet (5,900,000 m2), when completed, it will consist of office and residential towers in landscaped gardens with a network of roads, paths and canals. This city will become the commercial capital of the region as well as a free city.

    Why do people choose to buy property in Business Bay?

    Residents and tourists who are present in Business Bay can easily access all the important places of the region and the city center. Access to taxi and metro is very convenient to move anywhere. Luxury suites with all facilities including swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi are available to you. In addition, apartments and business centers have facilities such as conference rooms and cafeterias.

    Apart from construction in the residential sector, an artificial crescent-shaped island  is being built along the Jumeirah Park project . With the construction of this island, recreational activities in the open will be more prosperous. Docks, yachts and other water transports can freely go to and from Deira and Bur Dubai to Jumeirah.

    In addition to being located in the heart of Dubai, Business Bay is adjacent to Al Quz residential area and  commercial apartments in downtown Dubai, and many people believe that if you invest here now, your capital will double in a few years.

    Buying a property in the business district of Dubai

    In recent years, due to changes in the rules of the Dubai real estate market, buying real estate in Dubai has become more popular and many people choose this city for investment.

    Buying property in Business Bay is one of the best places in Dubai. This area has an area of ​​about 6,000,000 square meters, with various office buildings and residential towers surrounded by beautiful gardens and an extraordinary network of roads, passages, canals and paths.

    In Business Bay, apartments and villas are built with modern architectural style and the residents of this commercial and international area can benefit from the unique facilities of the playground, arcade and park. Stay with us in the following article to provide you with more information about the business center of Dubai.

    The main business plan B

    Business Bay is like Manhattan in New York and Ginza in Tokyo and is a great opportunity for investors in Dubai and its surroundings. One of the best options for buying property in Business Bay is Dubai Creek, which is known as the symbol of Dubai’s progress.

    In the past, this river was the center of fishing and pearl fishing, and today, due to business prosperity, it has become an international port and commercial hub of the UAE. If you are planning to buy a property in Dubai, don’t miss the next article.

    Buying an apartment in Business Bay

    Living in a business apartment is unlike living in a resort with all the comforts. It is enough to leave your foot outside the door of the house to enjoy the comfort and residential facilities . The number and variety of apartments in Business Bay is large, and you can buy any property in this area, such as apartments, penthouses, and villas.

    Currently, there are 1173 suites and apartments in Business Bay, which can be mentioned, for example, from one-bathroom suites to 5-bedroom apartments and penthouses with luxurious architecture.

    Suites in Business B sometimes reach up to 85 square meters. Prices start from 650.000 dirhams for a one-bedroom apartment in Business Bay, which sometimes has an area of ​​up to 160 square meters. Just   make sure to buy an apartment in Business Bay and dxboffplan will help you buy exactly the property you want.

    The facilities of Business Bay neighborhood

    Dubai Business District is actually an emerging area that has advanced commercial and economic facilities and modern and unique buildings. Business Bay is located next to Sheikh Zayed Street and near the city center.

    Many luxury and modern residential, commercial and economic buildings have been built in this area, which offer a very beautiful view of the city center with their special and unique location.

    ” Dubai Business District ” has 12 famous towers, towers and tall buildings have been built in this area, and these attractions are developing rapidly. New buildings such as hotels and shopping malls in Dubai are always being built there.

    Also, this area is connected to the Red Line Metro network; For this reason, it is easily moved and transported. Many businessmen choose this place for investment or to expand their business activities because this business center has high economic growth.

    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai

    Buying a villa in Business Bay

    Since the commercial activity in this area is very high, buying and selling property has become one of the main businesses in Business Bay and investors are interested in buying properties and villas in this area.

    Business Bay villas usually have four bedrooms and their prices range from 5,200,000 to 7,000,000 dirhams. By buying a property in Business Bay, you have actually hit two birds with one stone. Because you can get high profit both by selling and renting it.

    Advantages of living in Business Bay apartments

    Rent a furnished apartment in Business Bay Dubai and enjoy your life very easily. Renting these apartments is very reasonable for living or working in Business Bay. The advantages of renting a furnished apartment in Business Bay Dubai include the following:

    • The transportation system is convenient.
    • The cost of moving is low.
    • You will experience a peaceful life in a lively area.
    • Security is high in this area.
    • It has a luxurious and modern environment.
    • You can take advantage of many welfare services.
    • You are safe 24 hours a day.

    Lifestyle in Business B

    Life in Business Bay Dubai has a good atmosphere. If you are looking for a luxurious environment and a quiet and pleasant area or you want to work in a beautiful environment, Business Bay can be a great choice for you.

    In the Gulf Park of this area, you can enjoy the beach and its pleasant weather. There are also supermarkets such as Chaitrams and Westzone and several convenience stores near the residential towers of Business Bay, and you can find almost everything you need in these centers.

    The best areas for business investment

    One of the popular areas to buy property in Business Bay is the Gulf Square. There are various companies and organizations in this area and it has unique facilities such as walking paths, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, etc.

    Other important areas include Khaleej Street, where there are children’s entertainment centers, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants and retail shops.

    In the general plan of Business Bay, they intend to expand the Dubai estuary from 14 km to 26.6 km. Because this area, in addition to being the first important port of the UAE, has great historical importance and has been used for trade and transportation since ancient times.

    Below are more reasons why you should invest in Business Bay.

    Ideal business location

    Business Bay is located a short distance from downtown Dubai. Business Bay Towers are located next to Dubai Creek in the vicinity of Ras Al Khor and Sheikh Zayed Road. The towers are strategically located along Sheikh Zayed Road, making it an ideal area for international business and financial companies.

    Dubai Internet City , Dubai Media City , Dubai International Financial Center and other commercial areas have grown tremendously in the past few years. Since over the years the United Arab Emirates has become one of the international business centers in the world, Business Bay is considered as the foundation of the new economy.

    Easy access to the best schools and kindergartens

    Business Bay houses have excellent schools and kindergartens for residents and their children. A list of schools and kindergartens in Business Bay is as follows:

    • Tree nursery
    • Shokoufeh Kindergarten
    • Bir P. Preschool
    • Kindergarten Kids Kingdom in the city center
    • First Kids Group Education Center

    The proximity of Business Bay to the World Mall

    One of the biggest attractions of the Business Bay Towers is its streets, which are great for shopping. There is a wide selection of shops and restaurants in this mall.

    Below is a list of shopping centers in Business Bay:

    • Shopping Center Bayou
    • Grand Outlet
    • Water kiosk
    • Lanolin FZA
    • Royal Boutique Flowers

    Buying property in Business Bay Dubai

    Business Bay luxury hotels

    You can certainly find anything you want in this area. Whether it’s an apartment hotel or a modern beach club, Business Bay has it all. Some of the luxury hotels in Business Bay are as follows:

    • Business Bay Park Regis
    • Radisson Blu Hotel
    • Doubletree at Hilton Dubai
    • Court Bay Hotel

    Business Bay’s easy access to hospitals and clinics

    Since health insurance is mandatory in the UAE , there are good clinics and hospitals in this area.

    A few of the best are:

    • Emirates Hospital Clinics
    • Aster Clinic
    • Hillis GP


    In general, the Business District of Dubai, with its diversity and economic development, is known as one of the most popular destinations for international businesses, and we hope that this area will continue to the global community.

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