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    Head Office in Dubai

    Office 2101, The Burlington Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesPhone: +971565477444+971547377277+97145298870 Email: ceo@winwinuniversal.com

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    Looking for a quality and affordable builder for your next project?

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    +971547377277 & +971565477444

    Working Hours

    We are happy to meet you during our working hours. Please make an appointment.

    • Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
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    Buying an apartment in Dubai

    Posts / 12/03/2024

    Buying an apartment in Dubai  Currently, the housing market in Dubai is one of the most prosperous housing markets in the world, and buying an apartment in this city is an attractive investment option . But before buying an apartment in Dubai , it is important to consider some vital points so that you can make a better informed decision.

    Buying an apartment in Dubai

    One of the important points in buying an apartment in Dubai is choosing the right area. Different areas in Dubai have different values, and depending on your purchasing objective, you should choose an area that suits your needs and tastes.

    The costs associated with buying an apartment should also be considered. In addition to the purchase price of the apartment , the costs of taxes, lawyers, financing and other costs should also be considered.

    Doing an accurate financial calculation can help you know the total cost of your purchase.

    Also, make sure you are fully aware of the rules regarding foreign properties in Dubai. This includes tax laws, residency laws and other legal regulations related to foreign properties.

    Apartment prices in Dubai

    Up to this point, we have understood the value of residential units in the UAE . But what do you think is the most important factor that has made Dubai one of the most attractive real estate investment centers in the world? The answer is easy, its reasonable cost!

    In general, one of the factors that are important to us when starting an investment is reasonable and cost-effective costs. The price of an apartment in Dubai is lower than you think and depends on factors such as:

    the location of the property, amenities, the size of each unit, the number of bedrooms, the type of construction company, etc.

    For example:  the price of an apartment in Dubai DAMAC  is different from its price in Emaar due to the difference in construction companies.

    Procedures for buying property in Dubai and UAE

    Buying property in Dubai and the UAE can be a profitable investment and a way toobtain temporary or permanent residence in the UAE. However, before buying a property in Dubai and the UAE, you must go through the following steps in order:

    1. Checking and choosing the property you want

    The first step is to check and choose the property you want. You can find the property you want through online real estate sites or by visiting real estate agencies . When choosing a property, consider various factors such as area, type of property, size and facilities of the property.

    2. Consultation with our experts

    After choosing the desired property , you can consult our experts to learn about the conditions for buying property in Dubai and the UAE . Our experts can guide you in choosing the right property and performing the steps of buying the property.

    3. Receive pre-approval for financing

    If you plan to buy the property in installments, you must get pre-approved for financing. For this, you need to provide your financial documents to the bank or financial institution.

    4. Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    After receiving pre-approval for financing, you can sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the seller. This memorandum of understanding specifies the conditions for the purchase of the property.

    5. Providing the necessary documents to receive the document

    After signing the memorandum of understanding, you must submit the necessary documents to the property registry office to receive the property deed. These documents include the following:

    • Valid passport and visa
    • Certificate of no bad background
    • Medical certificate
    • Financial documents
    • Property payment receipt

    6. Complete the transfer of ownership

    After providing the necessary documents, the property registry completes the transfer of ownership. This process usually takes several weeks.

    7. Property registration

    After the transfer of ownership is completed, the property is registered in the Land Registry Office. This process usually takes a few days.

    Buying an apartment in Dubai

    How much is the property rental price in Dubai?

    Different areas of Dubai have different property rental prices. In general, the coastal areas of Dubai such as Jumeirah , Marina and Downtown have higher prices than other areas.

    Other factors affecting the property rental price

    In addition to the factors mentioned, other factors can affect the rental price of the property, including:

    • Size: The size of the property also affects the rental price of the property.
    • Property location: Properties located in central areas of the city are usually more expensive than properties located in peripheral areas.
    • Property amenities: Properties with more amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and parking are usually more expensive than properties without these amenities.
    • Property Condition: Newly built properties are usually more expensive than older properties.

    The best areas in Dubai to buy property

    The rules for buying property are different in each of the different emirates of the United Arab Emirates. According to these rules, if you are looking to obtain a Dubai visa through residency , you must make your investment in free zones, such as Dubai City.

    But one of the most important questions about this type of investment is where is the best area to buy a house in Dubai and get a residence?

    Most likely, you have heard about the famous areas of Dubai , such as Palm Jumeirah , Marina , etc. These areas are the most famous areas of Dubai where most of the expensive and luxury towers of Dubai are built.

    If you want to live in this city, it is better to be familiar with the customs of the people of Dubai in order to experience a more comfortable stay.

    If you want to know the condition of the property in these areas, pay attention to the following:

    • Buying property in Palm Jumeirah

    If you don’t mind the price of buying a house in Dubai , Jumeirah Dubai  and the luxury homes in this area will probably  be your first choice. Palm Jumeirah can be introduced as the largest man-made island in the world and the most unique place to live in Dubai. Fantastic projects, including 22 Carat Villas and One Palm Apartments, are located in this area.

    • Buying a house in Dubai Marina

    Buying a house in the Dubai Marina area is another option for obtaining residence and real estate investment.  Dubai Marina  is one of the other popular areas of this city, which are very popular due to their location by the water.

    Marina Gate and Damac Heights apartments are among your most famous options for buying property in Dubai Marina. Also, in this area, you can also benefit from the options of buying a house in installments in Dubai.

    • Buying a house in Downtown Dubai

    Another option for you to get accommodation in Dubai is to buy Downtown Dubai apartments. IL Primo and Opera Grande apartments are among the desirable options in downtown Dubai. Investing in projects in this area will bring you a Dubai residence visa.

    • Investing in real estate in the World Islands region

    The last option that we introduce among the best areas of Dubai is buying real estate in the Dubai World Islands area. This area has become one of the symbols of Dubai and unique real estate projects are being built there.

    One of the notable projects in this area is called The Floating Venice Residences, which you can choose to buy a house in Dubai and get a residence.

    Buying an apartment in Dubai

    Comparison of property purchase and residence in the UAE with other countries

    To compare the purchase of property and residence in the UAE with other countries such as Iran and Turkey, countries should be examined based on regional conditions such as climate, suitable facilities for living, economy, security, etc.

    •  Climate conditions:  The UAE has a hot and dry climate that may not be favorable for some people. In contrast, Türkiye and Iran have more diverse climates.

    •  Urban facilities for living:  The UAE has advanced urban facilities such as public transport, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, etc. On the other hand, Turkey and Iran also have advanced urban facilities, but they are not as advanced as the UAE.

    •  Level of security:  The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. Turkey and Iran also have relatively high security, but still, it can be said that UAE is better than Turkey and Iran in terms of security.

    •  Culture and religion:  UAE is a Muslim country and its laws and culture are based on Islamic Sharia. Türkiye and Iran are also Muslim countries, but the laws and culture of each of them are different.

    •  Economic conditions:  The UAE is an advanced economy with high economic growth. Türkiye and Iran also have relatively good economies.

    Introducing the types of houses in Dubai

    Real estate construction companies build different types of houses in Dubai according to plans, location and land conditions. These houses are usually in the form of villas, apartments, townhouses, penthouses; It is a hotel, apartment, etc. In the following, a number of different projects of these companies are given separately by the type of house, so that you, dear ones, can get very good and complete information in this field by checking each one.

    Buying a villa in Dubai

    Buying villas in Dubai allows you to live in a famous and wonderful city and live in peaceful residential areas with a pleasant and green atmosphere. Beach villas are also one of the models of villas in the UAE, which are located next to the Persian Gulf and are a good option to start a new life with the advanced facilities of this city.

    Buying a penthouse in Dubai

    Buying a penthouse in Dubai is very suitable for people who like to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the panoramic view of the whole of Dubai. Penthouses are different from regular apartment units; Because they are free from street noise and urban congestion.

    The cost of buying a cheap house in Dubai

    There are cheap, well-built, high-quality properties in this city, which are even lower than the prices of some houses in Iran! For example, the areas of International City, Fiorader Gulf Word, Oxford Residence, etc. are among the cheap neighborhoods in Dubai.

    Note that the existence of cheap houses in Dubai does not mean that their quality is low! Even cheap houses have amenities such as parking, convenient location, beautiful views and other amenities. The only difference is in the type of house and its size.


    Finally, choosing a reliable real estate agent can also help you make the best decision. An expert consultant can guide you in choosing the area, making transactions and other steps of buying an apartment.

    By following these tips and using reliable information sources, buying an apartment in Dubai can be a successful and profitable investment.

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